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I am a BACP registered psychoanalytical psychotherapist and I have been in private practice since 2012. I work with clients on a short and long term basis. I started my training in the city where Psychoanalysis was invented and was receiving lectures in the same rooms Sigmund Freud and his contemporaries debated. I later transferred to London , receiving my BSc in Psychology from Middlesex University. I received my professional accreditation in March 2016 from the BACP.

Being born in Austria to an Iranian father has taught me to be respectful of other cultures and races, I learned to endure hardship, be courageous and patient.

The Self: 

Vernon: "The social self, the private self, the insightful self and the repressed self."

One glimpse may be enough or as Freud put it more elegantly "Where Id was, there shall be Ego". 


The River of Life: Everyone's life course can be thought of as a river. On occasions turbulent, but at other times calm. It meets and departs from other rivers or streams, just like the counselling encounter, the lives of client and counsellor touch each other.




Minimum of 6 weeks of commitment to therapy. Can be extended to long term. Hourly Fee, sliding scale depending on income.
I abide to my Confidentiality and Ethical practice through the BACP. Cancellation with notice. 

You can  book weekends or weekdays , Mon - Fri. as long as I have a date you are available and I can email or text you back to choose the location, see addresses on Home Page. 

Contact Me

For any questions you have, you can reach me here:


07908 850 087


07930 634 629

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